Habermas: A Good Cup Of Coffee or Tea

What is a good coffee shop? What criteria would you use to define a good coffee shop? Would it be the quality of the coffee? The quality of service? The space and surroundings? Maybe its accessibility? What exactly is a good coffee shop? Is it possible to have a universal definition of it, so that in every city, anywhere in the world, all the good coffee shops would be the same and would share the same criteria? But - and we always need a 'but' - maybe a good coffee shop is, first of all, a place that you like to go back to; a place that you enjoy to be. A place that you are prepared to travel a long distance to, even though the decoration a bit tired, the chairs or benches are not so comfortable, and the service might be very so-so, but there is something that makes you want to go back there. At least, this is how I would define it.

I asked a friend to give me a list of her favourite coffee shops. She is a very demanding person, but we share this same approach to defining a good coffee shop. And so, I give you a list of the best coffee shops in Istanbul, as she gave it to me. If you use coffee shops, if you care about them, and if have a favourite that you like to return to again and again, please add it to the list.
The House Cafe: Asmalı Mescit Sümbül Sokak Tünel Geçidi İshani 9/1-2, Tünel Meydanı
Kanlca: Kanlıca İskelesi yanı
Jazz Cafe: İstiklal Cad. Hasnun Galip Sokak No. 20
Ara Cafe: Galatasaray Lisesi karşısı Taksim
London Cafe: Atatürk Cad. Kozyatağı
Cafe  & Shop: Bahariye Cad. Hacı Şükrü Sokak No.11
Sade Kahve: Yahya Kemal Cad. Rumelihisarı
Feriye Kahvesi: Çırağan Cad. No. 40 Ortaköy
Moda: Moda Burnu
Bebek Kahvesi


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