Selected Conference/Workshop Participation

 -Sadria, Modjtaba, (2009) Speaker in Discussion D, "Beyond Neo-liberalism? South-South Realignments and New Agendas for Political Research: Brazil, Iran, Russia, India, Dubai, China, Vietnam", Critical Geographies of Security series, University of Bristol, Department of Politics, June 3.

-Sadria, Modjtaba and Panjwani, Farid, (2009) “Fragmented youth, polyphonic social discourses”, Muslim Youth: Challenges, Opportunities and Expectations that organised jointly by the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (UK) and the University of Chester, 20 - 22 March.

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2007) “Two Major Deficits of Knowledge Construction in Contemporary Muslim Societies”, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, October 23.

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2007) “Dynamics of Interaction between the Lived Environment and Built Environment”, 10th cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture – Award Seminar, Kuala Lumpur, September 5.

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2007) “Plurality of Architecture and Art in Contemporary Muslim Societies” IIS Summer Program, McGill University, Montreal, August 8-11.

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2007) “Japan: Towards the Reconstruction of State Religion? (A Regional Context)”, 29th ISSR Conference (International Society for the Sociology of Religion), Leipzig, July 23- 27.

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2007) “Critic as tangible element of Modernity” in International Workshop organised jointly by the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, and AKU-ISMC, on Tangible Elements of Modernity in Multiple Modernities. May 18-19, London.

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2007) “Religion and Character in a Democratic Society” Remarks at the International Conference on Commitment, Character and Citizenship. St. Edmonds College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, February 9-11.

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2002) “International Conflict and Cooperation.” Session 4, 1st International Conference of Japanese Economic Policy Association, November - December 2002.

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2002) “ "Open Mindness in a Changing World: What Analytical Possibilities?" Session 1: Education, Culture, Value and Mass-media.” UNU Global Seminar, 8th Kobe-Awaji Session, 7-10 October 2002, Kobe, Japan.

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2001) “The Possibility of Dialogue After 9.11”. National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA). December 2001. (http://www.nira.or.jp/past/newse/niranews/200112.html)

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2000) “Dialogue of Civilizations and the expansion of inner cultural space” Kichokoen Bumei no Taiwa).” UNU Global Seminar 2000, 6th Kobe Session, Humanity and Civilizations in the Globalizing World, 26 September – 29 September 2000, Kobe, Japan

-Sadria, Modjtaba , Gurobarukanonakano Bumei to Ningen: Kokurendaigaku Gurobarusemina 2000 Kobe session . pp. 10-11. (「基調講義 文明の対話」 『グローバル化の中の文明と人間 国連大学グローバルセミナー  2000  神戸セッション』)

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2000) “A Perspective of Iranian Foreign Policy: Triangle Relations of Hatami, Nation and Society”. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islam Research Council. October 2000. (http://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/area/islam/islam_12.pdf)

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (2000) Middle East Studies (MESA) Annual Meeting, Panel Discussion: Panel One – “Building Bridges Between the United States and Iran”.

-Sadria, Modjtaba, (1999) Speaker, Session 3: Preserving Cultural Integrity and Promoting Dialogue among Civilizations. UNU International Conference on “Iran in a Globalizing World: New Horizons, New Perspectives”. 15-16 November,  The United Nations University Headquarters Tokyo, Japan

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